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Our Story

Our story begins in the early 1970's, taking place in a little town called Marsala, Italy. It was there that a young Biagio met his future wife, Petronilla. From that day forward Biagio's heart was forever hers. He then set abroad with his true love by his side, and moved to Brooklyn, NY. There they were married and started a family. While in New York, Biagio's love for people, cooking and New York Style Pizza took flight!

In 1982, Biagio was offered an opportunity to run a pizzeria called Picnic Pizza, located at the old Indian Hill mall in Pomona. It was an opportunity they couldn't refuse! This caused Biagio and Petronilla to pack up the family and move to Southern California. He started to build a loyal clientele and began to make a name for himself. In 1987, the mall began to dissolve and Biagio decided that it was the perfect timing to act on his hopes to open up his very own pizzeria.

In 1988, this hope became a reality! He found the perfect spot, right off of 7th and Mountain in south Upland, where you can still find it flourishing to this day. With the inspiration of other "San"s in the area, (ex: San Dimas, San Gabriel and San Bernardino, to name a few!) naming the pizzeria "San Biagio's Pizza just sounded like the right fit!

Finally in 2009, with the encouragement of his customers and the help of his growing family, Biagio decided it was time to open up a second location. Another perfect location was found off Campus and 19th street where San Biagio's #2 was born! Just as the original location, San Biagio #2 has been growing stronger ever since.

With hard work, dedication and true love for what we do, we continue to carry on what our father started. We do acknowledge and are extremely grateful for you, the customer, in knowing that without you none of this would be possible. With that said, we sincerely thank everyone for your love and support over the years and we hope to continue serving each and every one of you for years to come!